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Rick's Views


If you entrust me with your vote and support, I will work vigorously to make Calvert County a safer place for you and your family.


As State’s Attorney I will work with our State and Federal partners to win the fight against opioids, I will ensure equitable treatment to all victims of crime and to those accused of criminal activity, and I will focus on repeat offenders. 


I am alarmed by the rate of growth of crimes involving firearms in the Southern Maryland region. As State’s Attorney, I will work with our surrounding jurisdiction to address gun crimes and specifically gun violence. By aggressively prosecuting these cases we will send a message that these types of crimes will not be tolerated in Calvert County. By working proactively with community partners we can turn around this troubling trend. 


As a second-generation entrepreneur, I am keenly aware of the pressures of running a small business, and the impact of crimes against business interests. Criminal behavior can affect the ability to invest in the business, make payroll, or even continue operations. As State’s Attorney, I will work with the business community to ensure that Calvert County is a place where their businesses thrive. 


As States Attorney, I will devote more resources to the prosecution of domestic violence cases. On day one I will assign an additional prosecutor to focus on domestic violence cases. A county with 90,000+ citizens cannot afford to only have one prosecutor working full-time to prosecute domestic violence.


As State’s attorney, I will work to modernize the Calvert County State’s Attorney. I will shift the office to electronic files and bring on board modern prosecution tools that will make our prosecutors more effective. Additionally, I will update prosecutor training with a specific focus on technology and case presentation techniques to ensure Calvert County’s prosecutors are equipped and trained to meet and exceed modern prosecution standards.

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