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✓ Fairness
✓ Integrity
✓ Transparency

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Take Part in Something Great


Putting My Experience
to Work for Calvert County

My name is Rick Piereck and I am running to become Calvert County's next State's Attorney

If you entrust me with your vote and support, I will work vigorously to make Calvert County a safer place for you and your family.  As State’s Attorney I will work with our State and Federal partners to win the fight against opioids, I will ensure equitable treatment to all victims of crime and to those accused of criminal activity, and I will focus on repeat offenders. I will also modernize the State’s Attorney office to ensure it is more accessible and service-oriented for our community.

I am a local attorney and owner of Piereck Law, LLC, where I help clients with legal problems big and small. Previously, I was a prosecutor having handled thousands of cases ranging from traffic infractions to attempted murder. I spent several years working as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Calvert County and also served in  the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office where I handled serious felonies like attempted murders, armed crimes and drug distribution. I hold a law degree from the American University Washington College of Law and I also hold a bachelor’s degree in public administration. 

I live with my family in Chesapeake Beach. My wife Carla, our three children, and I are members at Chesapeake Church and we are proud to be active members of the community.  We volunteer through our church,  with the Calvert Housing Alliance, and by offering free or reduced legal assistance and our children attend the local, public schools here in Calvert County.

I have been involved in public service my entire working life. At 18 years old I joined the US Army Reserves while still in high school. I shipped off to basic training the month after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and served with honor and distinction for 9 years. During my time in the Army, I deployed twice. During one of those deployments, I met my wife Carla who also served in the Army. On November 5, 2009, shortly after leaving Fort Hood, TX, my  former workplace was the subject of a mass shooting terrorist attack. That day, I lost some friends and others sustained lifelong debilitating injuries. This incident shook me to my core  and continues to motivate me to seek justice for victims, families, and friends of those affected by crime. 


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